The Connections Are Clear

Your hearing health is strongly linked to your health in general. But your body is complex. Proving that one thing causes another isn’t straightforward. What is clear is when you have hearing loss, that might not be all that’s going on. 

Nutrition and Hearing Health

Your food choices affect your hearing health. For example, if your folate (vitamin B9) intake is low, it can cause hearing loss, but taking in plenty of folate keeps age-related hearing loss at bay. And if you get plenty of potassium, hearing loss is far less likely.   


Cardiovascular Health and Hearing Health

Poor heart health leads to poor hearing health. The connection is so strong that if you do see a hearing care provider, it’s worth highlighting your heart health history in your new-patient paperwork. And if you have cardiovascular issues, it pays to get a hearing screening. 


Brain Health and Hearing Health

Hearing loss and dementia are strongly connected. In fact, if you have mild untreated hearing loss, you’re twice as likely to develop dementia — and the likelihood increases the more severe your hearing loss is. The opposite is also true. Treating hearing loss goes hand in hand with improvements in cognitive function. 


man receiving hearing aids from audiologist

Depression and Hearing Health

Depression is more likely with untreated hearing loss. The worse your hearing loss is, the more likely you are to develop depression. But using hearing aids makes it far less likely that you’ll experience symptoms of, or be diagnosed with, depression.  


Social Life and Hearing Health

Hearing loss leads to social isolation and loneliness, but the opposite is also true. If you use hearing technology, you’re more likely to reap profound benefits. These include better relationships at home and with extended family, a better social life, and more willingness to participate in group activities. 


What to Do If You Suspect a Hearing Loss

We know this decision can feel overwhelming. Contact Beltone Hearing Aid Center, and talk to one of our hearing care professionals to get a free hearing evaluation. 

Our hearing care practitioners will perform a comprehensive exam, assess your level of hearing loss, and discuss options for treatment.

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