Are you living with hearing loss?

We're listening.

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Are you living with hearing loss?

We're listening.

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What Are Hearing Aids… and How Can They Help?

A hearing aid is an electronic device worn in or behind the ear to amplify sound and help users hear better in all different environments. All Beltone hearing aids are digital and wireless, which means they provide a personalized listening experience and can easily adapt to your environment.

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“With over 1,500 Beltone locations nationwide, each Beltone location is a local business and part of the community it serves. The hearing care professional and staff at your local Beltone will learn your name and know your story, so they can be your partner and guide you along your journey to better hearing.”

What is Hearing Loss?

Any decrease in hearing acuity can cause disruptions in daily communications, negatively impact social and mental health, and lead to comorbidities that drastically lower quality of life.

Find out the main facts about hearing loss, including the best ways to care for your hearing – or your loved one’s hearing.

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Why Choose Acoustic Hearing Aids?

At Acoustic Hearing Aids, you get more than just hearing aids — you get a hearing partner with you every step of the way. Our hearing care professionals receive extensive training and education, so they are always equipped with the latest knowledge and research to bring you the best care.

We work closely with you to develop a patient-provider relationship based on integrity and trust.

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